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Acknowledge Your Wins!

By Coach Wyatt

I want to talk about winning. Not getting gold at a competition, but winning in life and in training.

At the end of every week, I have a few athlete's fill out a self assessment. They rate training difficulty, enjoyment, list wins and areas to improve upon.

I have one rule I tell to my athletes for this self assessment. The list of wins is not allowed to be blank, EVER.

This last week, an athlete I work with had a rough week. There were some big changes in her life that left her feeling like she was "just going through the motions." She rated training difficulty at an 8/10 and enjoyment at a 3/10. Under her list of wins she wrote "N/A".

Now we all experience times like these. Life happens. Work gets stressful. A friend moves. Your kids have school projects. A relationship ends. Bills pile up. These things are inevitable and will affect training and life.

And that's ok. It's ok for training to feel hard and beat you up. It's ok to not enjoy training. We are here to do hard and challenging things after all.

But it's NOT ok to feel sorry for yourself and not acknowledge the wins you facilitated.

This person, despite being a single parent working full time, made time for the gym, that's a win.

This person performed more volume than ever before, that's a win.

This person didn't miss a single exercise, that's a win.

This person went in and did hard work, despite lacking motivation, that's a win.

This person set an example for her daughter and her friends, that's a win.

Now, that's not to say sugar coat things flip everything to a positive. You still need to hold yourself accountable for things you can improve upon. You still need discipline.

So, next time you're having a rough training session, week, or block I want you to go sit down and list your wins. There are positive things you can and should acknowledge.

Once you have that list, build from it. Use it to kickstart some momentum. And where there are negatives, take a step to improve them.

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