About Us

We are a Husband and Wife in strength.  Parents of two beautiful little girls, we want to lead everyone to their strongest self.  We have both found this through strength sports.  

John Flagg

  • Certified Athletic Traininer (License Healthcare Provider)

  • Clincal Athlete Powerlifting Coach Lead Instructor 

  • USAPL1 

  • USPA

  • USAW1

  • ClinicalAthlete Provider

  • Competitive Powerlifter in USAPL Raw and Equipped and USPA Classic Raw.  

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1

Nik Tompkins-Flagg:

  • Certified Girls Gone Strong Coach 

  • Competitive Powerlifter and Strongman Athlete. 

We are Rebuild Stronger and we want you to join us in the freedom that strength brings!