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The performances yesterday were amazing.

We help manage injury through online coaching that improves performance and confidence.

What an eventful weekend of powerlifting

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Getting Started

Let's get working together RIGHT NOW!  Click on the Start Now button anywhere on this page and fill out the interest form.  I'll contact YOU to schedule a call.  You get your program and we get you hitting PRs in short order.  To make it even easier, here's another one:


Start today creating a vision for yourself, your life, and your career. Bounce back from adversity and create what you want, rebuild and rebrand. Tell yourself it's possible along the way, have patience, and maintain peace with yourself during the process.

Germany Kent


What We Can Do Together

The Basics

Weekly updated custom programming based on your needs and performance.

There are no 12 week templates here. 

Each program will be built with you in mind in regards to training frequency, styles, goals, training experience, etc.  

Custom Programming

 A custom weekly updated program based of the previous weeks performance.  Limited contact to training clarification only (What is a Larsen Press, What is an 8 RPE?)   If you feel like you just need some structure for the process, this is it. 

Weekly Coaching

Custom weekly updated programming based on the previous week's performance.  Weekly video analysis of the top lifts of the week with feedback, cues, and breakdowns for technical and training improvement. Daily Contact limited through set times in the day where the coach will check messages on the coaching system (true coach)  focused on education and relationship and trust-building of the coach-athlete relationship. This is where real coaching starts. The structure of a solid program with the feedback from a professional you can trust. Weekly progression and regular communication decrease the risk of injury and allow course corrections to avoid lingering issues and continued performance progress.

Daily Coaching

Custom updated weekly with daily adjustments made via constant contact during training sessions via messenger in the TrueCoach app.  Lift analysis on the fly, during your training, for immediate feedback and correction. Unlimited contact to discuss all aspects of training, injury, etc.  For when you want to get serious, this is the option. Modify training sessions at the moment by having your coach right in your pocket. Manage any injury and push performance to the extreme.

Game Day Handling

There is a lot going on at a meet between weight ins, rule meetings, equipment check, attempt selections, warm ups, food intake and more.  Let us handle and lead you through all of that so you can focus on one thing: PERFORMANCE.  Get your best possible result on Game Day with less stress.


What Athletes Say


I started with John in July, graduated to squatting and deadlfting by the end of the July, ran a successful spartan sprint in August, and fully cleared September 1. Since then I’ve hit numerous lifetime PRs with zero issues. I was actually bummed when I got that final clearance from John; I always left our sessions with a wealth of knowledge.

In all of the various rehabs I have completed over my athletic career, none have been more effective or more empowering than what John guided me through. There was never discussions of “you can’t do this,” but always “here is what we’re going to do to get you back to what you want to do.” That slight change in his approach made all the difference in putting me in the right headspace to attack my rehab the way I would attack any physical challenge or goal. It truly felt like a partnership on the road to recovery because it was important to him that I understood why he chose specific exercises and how they would help. I went in looking for help with my back, but I walked away with so much more. I am a healthier and smarter athlete now more than ever, in great part to the privilege of learning from John.