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Get strong AF
without pain or injury.

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We help strength athletes overcome plateaus and beat injuries, giving you the confidence to train hard and win.

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Does a recurring injury get in the way of hard training?

Has progress stalled and you're not sure how to get it started again?

Does making weight for your next meet sound like a challenge?

Do you want to learn how to train to make you stronger and healthier?

We Can Help.

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Why Rebuild Stronger?

As a strength coach, healthcare provider, and current competitive lifter, I know the impact training has on your life.  You love it and you need it.  Sometimes things get in the way.  I've been there.  I've recovered from my own injuries. I have also rehabbed hundreds of other lifters and gotten them back to the platform winning medals and setting PRs.  Don't let that stop you.  Get stronger, avoid injury, and be more confident that ever on the platform.

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Home: About Me

What Athletes Say


I started weightlifting a little over a year ago with little knowledge of the sport. I quickly fell in love with the complexity and finesse of the sport and started investing more time to learning technique. I knew I could only get so far by myself and sought out John Flagg as my coach. I knew little about John, but one thing I learned from the first few sessions with him was how passionate he was about coaching weightlifting.


Over the past six months, I have relocated and no longer get the luxury of having John present during my training sessions, but little has changed in how he coaches. Johns is very knowledge in the concepts that make great weightlifters and is great at teaching. He understands each lifter is different and easily adapts his coaching when I struggle grasping concepts of certain drills.


He provides great feedback during and after each training session and has on multiple occasions sent video feedback to emphasize key points. He has also been challenged to work around injuries, in my case, and never asks me to do something I would be unable to handle.


John always sets achievable goals and encourages me to collaborate with him. He expresses his expectations and reminds me to keep things in perspective when I feel like I'm not making progress. John has not only made me stronger physically, but he encourages and motivates me to increase my mental strength on days when training is tough. John is an exceptional weightlifting coach and teacher.


I have learned many things since he has been coaching me and I attribute most of that to his dedication and passion. He's helped me get a few medals in a short time and I plan on getting more.

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